Reasons To Design Your Pool With A Swim-Up Bar

Posted on: 23 June 2023

A swim-up bar is a popular sight at pools at resorts, but this is a feature that you can have in a high-end backyard pool too. If you've just partnered with a local pool design company to come up with ideas for your new in-ground pool, it's worthwhile to discuss the addition of a swim-up bar. This feature can especially be a good idea if you plan to frequently hold pool parties for family and friends throughout the summer. The swim-up bar can appear in any area of the pool and can have a size and theme that suit you. Here are some reasons to design your pool with this feature.

Luxury Feel 

If you want your new swimming pool to have a high-end feel, there are few features that can help more than a swim-up bar. Many of your guests will have only seen this feature at resort pools, rather than in backyard pools—and will immediately be impressed and excited when they arrive in your yard for a pool party. This can especially be true if you work with your pool design company to come up with luxury accessories for the swim-up bar, including a bar top and stools made out of high-end materials.

Ability To Stay In The Water

People often love sipping drinks during pool parties, and a pool that has a swim-up bar makes this easy. Without this feature, someone who wants to get a drink needs to climb out of the pool, make their way to a specific area on the pool deck or even in the house, and get a drink. This can be a bit of a hassle for people, particularly if the breeze is cool and they feel more comfortable being at least partially in the water. With a swim-up bar, guests can get drinks without getting out of the pool.

Social Aspect

A pool party is a social gathering, but certain things can help to make this get-together feel even more sociable. A swim-up bar allows you to play the role of bartender, chatting with your guests as they take a seat in front of you for a few minutes. When a guest sits down next to another guest whom they don't know, they may enjoy striking up a conversation—something that may not necessarily happen in a regular pool environment, where groups of friends could stick to themselves.

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