Expected Steps Prior to In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction

Posted on: 7 September 2022

A backyard swimming pool offers your family endless hours of healthy fun and exercise. However, if your property doesn't have a pool, then installing one is always an option. 

If you find the process of installing a pool overwhelming, then you certainly are not alone. But, the good news is that with proper preparation and planning, your family could realistically be swimming in your brand-new pool within just a few short months.  

When thinking about installing a pool, it's vital to know the first steps in the process. They are as follows:

Setting Realistic Expectations

Building a pool is not a quick or simple project. For this reason, you should expect the process to take at least a couple of months and to have random issues along the way. 

The good news is that with proper preparation and planning, you can avoid extra costs and unnecessary delays.

Research Local Laws, Building Codes, and HOA Rules

Swimming pool construction involves many steps. Arguably one of the most important is researching to find out if you can even install an inground pool on your property.

To do so, you have two options:

  • Investigate local laws, building codes, and homeowner's association rules on your own.
  • Work with a local swimming pool construction contractor.

This is one area where working with a local swimming pool installer is ideal and trying to do your own research can be very expensive if you are wrong.

Local contractors know all of the pertinent rules and regulations, as well as the government officials who need to sign off on your building permits. These professional connections can be invaluable and save lots of unnecessary headaches.

Compare Quotes and Evaluate Your Options

At this point in the process, it's important to take a step back and evaluate your options. Ask yourself:

  • Do you still want to install a pool?
  • Can you afford to install a pool?
  • Do you have the desire/ability to maintain a swimming pool?

If you decide you can afford and want to install a pool, then compare the quotes you received and select the best inground swimming pool installation service.

Remove All Personal Property in Your Backyard

Lastly, once you have a signed contract and are waiting for the pool's installation to begin, it is important to clear your backyard of all personal property.

The swimming pool construction service needs to be able to move heavy equipment and crews freely around your yard without tripping over shovels or banging into your fancy grill.

By taking the time to temporarily remove everything from your yard, you help to protect your personal property from damage and promote safety for the landscaping company.


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