Refreshing Your Pool's Appearance With An Acid Wash

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Maintaining your pool can be a seemingly never-ending responsibility. Unfortunately, poor maintenance can lead to structural issues, discoloration and other problems that could impact your ability to use this amenity.

What Are the Reasons Why You Would Need to Have Your Pool Acid Washed?

Acid washing the interior of the pool can be a process that is used to revitalize the appearance of the pool. Over the years, the pool's lining can become stained and covered with mineral scaling. These issues can make the pool a far less attractive feature of your property, but acid washing the interior will be able to fully remove these substances as the acid can actually dissolve the top layer of the concrete lining so these substances can be permanently removed.

Will a Pool Acid Wash Cause Structural Damage to Your Pool?

Not surprisingly, there is a concern by property owners that the acid washing process could cause extensive structural damage to the pool. In reality, this process can be perfectly safe for your pool as long as it is completed by a trained swimming pool contractor. These servicers will have the experience and equipment needed to apply the correct amount of acid wash to the surface of the pool so that this work can be completed without resulting in major damage or wear to the lining. In addition to avoiding damaging the pool, these professionals can also avoid the risk of contaminating the surrounding soil or even exposing yourself to the harsh acids that are used in this work.

How Long Will You Be Unable to Use the Pool Following the Acid Wash Process?

Not surprisingly, the pool will be unable to be used when the acid wash is being applied. Depending on the application method that you will be using, it may also be necessary for the pool to be drained prior to this work being done. While this can be slightly inconvenient, the acid washing process will not result in a lengthy down period for the pool. In reality, the pool will be able to be used within hours of the acid wash is completed. This can be an important factor for a homeowner that is wanting to revitalize the appearance of their pool while avoiding impacting long stretches of the swimming season. To completely avoid this, homeowners will often have their pool acid wash completed during the late fall or winter months when they are not planning to swim in it.


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