Signs Your Pool Heater Needs Repair

Posted on: 8 December 2021

Pool heaters keep the water in your pool warm, improving your pool's experience during the night or the cold season. However, the heaters are prone to damage due to constant use. Since replacing your pool heater can be costly, consider pool heater repair. The repair restores your heater's function while saving you extra replacement costs. But, you may not always know when your heater is damaged. Here are signs that your swimming pool heater requires repair.

The Water Isn't Warming As Expected

If the water in your pool isn't getting warm enough, that's an indication of a faulty heater. There may be a problem with the wiring, or you may be dealing with a blown motor. Also, this could indicate that the condenser has a problem. Pool heat repair services can inspect your heater and identify the exact cause of the problem. Then, the professionals fix the issues enabling your heater to warm the water efficiently.

The Heater Won't Start or Remain On

When your pool heater doesn't start, its valves could be blocked by dirt, or its terminals could be corroded. Pool heater repair can fix the underlying issues enabling your heater to start. However, your heater may go off after every few minutes, causing heating inconsistency. This may be due to clogged filters, or the transformer may be faulty. Repairs entail unclogging the filters and fixing the transformer to keep your heater on as long as required.

The Heater Is Leaking

Exposure of your water heater to physical damages and extreme temperatures may result in cracks. Therefore, when you turn on your heater, you may notice a leakage and water settling around your heater. This can be dangerous since you may suffer from electrical shock when the current from your heater meets with the water. Also, the leakage causes water wastage. When you notice leakage, consider pool heater repair to protect your safety and prevent water wastage.

The Heater Produces Unusual Noises

During operation, your swimming pool heater may produce a quiet sound. However, if you notice loud and weird sounds emanating from the heater, there could be some damaged components. For instance, some loose parts could result in a banging sound. A buzzing sound could also mean that your heater is clogged. Therefore, pool heater repair is essential to eliminate the unusual irritating sounds.

When your pool water isn't warming as expected, or your pool heater won't start or remain on, these are signs you need pool heater repair. Other indicators include heater leakage and the production of unusual sounds by your heater. Consider calling a pool heater repair service when you notice these signs.


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