How To Know It Is The Right Time For Professional Pool Resurfacing

Posted on: 10 February 2021

Your kids and friends will probably be quick to point your swimming pool out as one of their favorite spots to hang out and have fun. Although your pool might not qualify for the listing in your neighborhood's historical spots, it is certainly a significant investment to be proud of. Unfortunately, you might notice that your swimming has begun showing aging signs and might need an upgrade or quick fix.

Thanks to pool resurfacing technology, you can now give your pool a new look and extend its useful life. Give your kids more time with the pool by paying attention to these signs that signal you need pool resurfacing services.

Visible Fading

You are likely to notice color fading over time, unless the pool's original color is white. Regardless of whether your pool is made from concrete, vinyl liners, or fiberglass, it is bound to fade over time. Mostly this is a result of being engulfed in water most of its life and absorbing the sun's heat. The discoloration is also thought to be contributed to by chemical bleach in swimming pool water or cleaning activities. If you notice discoloration, it is time to call in the pool resurfacing specialists for a new look.

Increased Roughness and Cracks

Typically, your swimming pool's plaster surface should be smooth. However, the chemicals in the water may start eating into the pool's surface, causing deterioration. If you happen to touch the surface with your feet, you'll feel like you are walking on sandpaper or grit. While you can turn to polish or acid wash to smooth the surfaces, this will only offer a short-term solution. Pool resurfacing provides a more permanent solution.

Apart from the increased roughness, you may also notice cracks that will continue to spread if left unattended. In most cases, they resemble spider webs and are a clear indication of ongoing deterioration. Likewise, pool resurfacing will help fix the problem.

Ugly Streaks and Stains

Ugly stains and streaks are signs of deterioration. They are mostly caused by rust, metals, mineral buildup, debris, algae, and leaves. You could try wiping them off with acid wash, but if the stains and streaks persist, you may want to call in the specialists. Remember that the longer you wait, the more stubborn these stains become.

Have you noticed any of these troubling signs in your pool? Consider providing a long-lasting solution through pool resurfacing. Your pool needs that facelift you have always been eyeing.


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