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Posted on: 7 January 2021

There is regular maintenance and servicing your pool needs in order to keep it healthy to swim in and nice to look at. However, there are other things you need to make sure you stay on top of to avoid serious issues that can happen. One of the things that can happen with a pool that may not be obvious at first but that can cause serious problems is that the pool can have a leak. If you don't catch the leak soon enough, the problems it can lead to can be very damaging and expensive to have repaired. You can learn more about pool leaks in the following:

There can be many ways a pool can suffer leaks

When it comes to the different ways that your pool can end up leaking, there are more than you may realize. There can be leaks that come from the pipes. There can also be leaks that are due to cracks that are on the deck, the bottom, or the walls of the pool. There can also be leaks coming from other areas, such as from a built-in spa or from the equipment. To stay proactive regularly, you want to make sure you pay attention to the water level in the pool and know how much water you can expect your pool to lose from evaporation during the seasons. If you notice your pool is suddenly losing more than expected and it continues to do so, then you want to have the pool checked for leaks.

There can be different methods used to detect and find pool leaks

When you feel your pool may have a leak, you want to have a professional come out to inspect the pool. They can use a variety of methods to detect leaks and to trace them. Dyes can be used in some cases and in more serious cases where the leaks are deeper, special equipment will be used that will use an electrical charge to find and track leaks. 

There are many problems pool leaks can cause

One of the obvious problems that will happen when the pool is leaking is that there will be an increase in your water bill. However, this may also be the least of your concerns. There can be a lot of damages caused by the leaks that can cause problems ranging from severe cracking in and around the pool to risk to nearby structures.

Call a pool leak detection service to check your pool. 


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