Filter and Pump Maintenance Guide for Weekly Pool Care and Cleaner Water

Posted on: 28 July 2020

Pool maintenance is important to ensure your water is clean and safe for swimming all summer. Part of the pool care that needs to be done weekly is maintaining filtration equipment. The weekly pool pump and filter maintenance will help prevent problems and improve water quality. The following guide will help keep your pool filter and pump working properly:

  • Check Skimmers, Drains, and Outlets—Start your weekly pool equipment maintenance by cleaning out skimmer baskets and checking safety lids for damage. You also want to check all the outlets and pool drains to make sure they are working and not damaged. If there is minor damage to these components, a pool maintenance service can help with the small repairs that need to be done when doing other maintenance your pool needs.
  • Remove Leaf Debris From the Leaf Trap—The leaf trap of your pump is a clear canister with a type of screen in it. This part of your pool filtration equipment is designed to stop leaves and large debris from causing problems with the pump. Over time, the leaves that get sucked up by the filtration system gather in the trap. Therefore, you want to clean it weekly to ensure your pool has sufficient circulation to keep the water clean.
  • Check the Pool Pump Water Flow to Ensure It Is Working—The pump is another area where you want to do weekly upkeep. After checking the leaf trap, you will want to test the water flowing from the pump. Small debris can sometimes block the turbine and other components. This can cause problems with water circulation and filtration systems. The pump can be cleaned to solve these problems and keep the water circulating through the filter to keep your pool clean.
  • Backwash the Filter and Change Filter Medium If Needed—Throughout the week, debris and particles get caught by your pool filter. This is a problem if the particles begin to restrict the flow of water circulating through the system. Therefore, it is a good idea to backwash the filter at least once a week to remove excess particles and debris. Also, check the filter medium and replace it when it becomes saturated with debris and particles.

These are the things that need to be done to pumps and filters weekly. With the right weekly pool equipment care, your water will be clean all summer. When you need pool care help, contact a pool maintenance service to ensure your equipment is working to keep your water clean and clear. 


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