Ideas To Consider For A Swimming Pool Remodel

Posted on: 27 July 2020

If you have an in-ground swimming pool that lacks visual appeal, hiring a remodeling contractor who specializes in giving facelifts to swimming pools can be the first step in dramatically altering the appearance of this fixture in your backyard. Provided that the swimming pool is structurally sound, your remodeling project will be all about updating its appearance and making it more fun to be in and around. You may find that upon making these changes, your backyard quickly becomes the primary hangout spot for your group of friends, family members, and neighbors. Here are some ideas to consider when you're remodeling your swimming pool.


Traditionally, people who didn't want to jump into an in-ground swimming pool would do so by climbing down a ladder in the shallow end. If you're looking for a change to this idea, consider the installation of steps at the end of the pool. Not only will this feature improve the pool's overall look, but it will also enhance its functionality. People who are elderly, as well as young children, will appreciate being able to slowly step down into the water with ease. You may also find that parents enjoy sitting on the steps with their legs in the water while they watch their kids swim in the shallow end.


Older in-ground swimming pools are frequently rectangular in shape. There's certainly nothing wrong with this shape, but if you want to change the overall look of the pool, talk about different shape options with your remodeling contractor. A big change would be to get rid of the straight edges and give the pool sweeping curves — often known as a kidney shape. Another option might be to keep the rectangle but add another section to one end of it, resulting in an "L" shape. The section could be the new shallow end, for example.


Another way that you can change the look of your swimming pool is with the addition of a fountain. Your pool remodeling contractor can discuss different options, but one is to have a large, tap-like structure mounted to the edge of the pool that sends a fountain of water into the pool. This addition can be a fun fixture for children, who will almost certainly spend time drenching themselves under it. For an added touch, you can consider including built-in lights around the fountain to increase its visual appeal during nighttime swims.

Reach out to a swimming pool remodel contractor for more information. 


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