Are You Planning To Surprise Your Elderly Parent With A Private Pool? 3 Senior-Friendly Features To Discuss With The Contractor

Posted on: 22 August 2018

Aquatic activities hold many benefits for seniors who can use the buoyancy of the water to engage in low-impact forms of exercise such as water aerobics. While your senior parent may love going in the water, they may be hesitant to use public pools where younger visitors may be too active for their enjoyment. A residential pool provides your loved one with a private place to relax and enjoy their favorite aquatic pursuits, and you can use these senior-friendly features as ideas to discuss with your pool contractor for making your loved one's pool a true oasis.

Consider a Zero Entry Pool

Older adults sometimes struggle with health conditions that affect their mobility. For instance, arthritis causes stiffness in the joints that may interfere with your loved one's ability to handle a pool ladder or stairs. During the planning of your pool construction project, make sure to discuss possible entrances that are easier for your loved one. Zero entry pools or ramps provide access that allows your loved one to gradually enter the water without having to take large steps.

Discuss Heating Options

Seniors often experience difficulty with regulating their body temperature as they age. For this reason, your loved one may find that the temperature of an unheated pool is too cold for their comfort. With private pool construction, your contractor may have options available such as aquatic heaters that allow your loved one to adjust the temperature to one that fits their comfort needs. Alternatively, you could talk about adding a smaller heated spa to the area as part of your pool construction project.

Include Handrails and Seating

Safety features such as handrails along the staircases and ramps should always be included in pool construction plans for any setting. However, seniors may prefer to have handrails and seating options located throughout the pool. During the designing process, consider the activities that your parent may enjoy doing in the pool. For instance, a handrail located along the side gives your parent a place to hold on to if they like to stretch or do water exercises. Alternatively, a bench seat provides a comfortable place for your parent to take a short break from their water workout and just enjoy the scenery.

The senior years are a time when your parent can finally tap into their interests and do what they love. By designing a pool that fits their needs and abilities, you can be certain that they'll love your latest surprise. For more ideas, contact a local pool company like Elite Pools.


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