3 Important Reasons To Implement A Water Softening System For Your Pool

Posted on: 27 July 2017

That lovely oasis of cool and refreshing water on your property is likely one of the things you value about your home the most. But what is it that comes to mind when you think of caring for and maintaining your pool? If you are like most people who have a pool, you will immediately think about things like cleaning the filter, utilizing the right pool chemicals, and even getting annual maintenance checks. However, there is one aspect of pool care that tends to stay submerged under the surface: water softening.

If you have hard water issues inside the house, you can bet on the fact that hard water is also stressful to your beloved pool. Here are a few good reasons to implement a water softening system as part of your pool care process. 

Hard water can change the effectiveness of pool chemicals. 

Unless you have a natural water pool, the water that fills your pool will have to rely on chemicals and additives that are designed to keep the water free of contaminants and safe for you and your family to play in. Pool chemicals are a huge part of pool care, but if you have hard water problems, it can make it difficult for these pool chemicals to do their job. This is because hard water is typically more mineral dense and less reactive to the chemical compounds. 

Hard water can be really hard on your pools pump, filter, and lines. 

Water is constantly cycled through the pool pump and filter and there are several water lines involved in this process. If your water has a high level of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, it can create a scaly buildup inside of these pool components that reduces their functionally. For example, a pool pump may not be able to run as efficiently if it is coated inside with scaly mineral deposits. 

Hard water can stain the inside of your pool liner. 

This may seem like a miniscule cosmetic problem, but when you have a massive white ring of minerals around your pool's liner because of hard water, it can be a real eyesore. Plus, this stuff is not good for the liner itself if left in place for long periods. Therefore, just having a water softener in place can help keep your pool lookng clean and pristine, but also help ensure your liner does not immaturely deteriorate. 


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