Planning A Summer Soiree? 3 Backyard Features To Spruce Up Before You Send Out The Invites

Posted on: 31 March 2017

The warmer months provide the perfect outdoor setting for planning a backyard bash. However, it is important to be aware that a few of your favorite outdoor features may need to be tended to after being out of service during the winter months. As you prep for your summer soiree, use these tips to ensure that your guests are just as amazed at your outdoor setting as they were when you partied indoors during the holidays.

Make Sure Your Pool Sparkles

During warm weather parties, your pool offers the perfect way to help your guests cool off while keeping them entertained. Getting your pool ready for the summer is always worth the effort, yet it is also important for it to be extra clean when your guests arrive. Arrange for a pool service to make sure that the chemicals are properly balanced and that the water is gorgeously clear so that your guests will look forward to diving in once the real fun begins. Arranging for weekly service visits from a company like Majestic Services also allows you to check this item off your to-do list since your pool will always be company ready.

Clean Your Garden Fountains

Although your guests hopefully won't be dipping their toes in your garden fountains, they do help transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Over time, sediment and algae can build up on your fountains and detract from their beauty. Arrange to have them cleaned, and make sure to turn them on before your guests arrive so that everyone can enjoy watching a relaxing waterfall in your garden space.

Inspect and Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Your patio furniture may be weather resistant, but sitting unused for any length of time allows dirt and dust to accumulate on their surface. Give those tables and chairs a good wipe down with your favorite cleaner, and make sure that moths and other bees have not set up nests or cocoons underneath the surfaces or inside of the legs. Then, use your furniture to create different seating areas such as placing loungers by the pool and a table near the grill so that guests have fun spaces to mingle.

This year, transform your backyard into the ultimate party venue by making sure that your favorite features are in good repair. From splashing in the sparkling clear water of your outdoor pool to lounging by a relaxing fountain, your guests will appreciate those little extra touches you put into making your backyard comfortable.


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