Leaves in Your Are a Big Deal? Here's Why

Posted on: 9 March 2017

If you have a pool, you need to be mindful of leaves floating around in it. This is something some pool owners underestimate. When a lot of leaves are allowed to build up in pools, it can be distracting and unsightly. This is something that is known to occur and get overlooked in the fall. Some pool owners may view layers of leaves in their pool as harmless especially if their neighbors have similar pool care habits.

The following points will help you understand why removing leaves is essential and steps you can take to keep leaves out of your pool. 


If leaves remain in the water, they decay. The deteriorating leaves can lead to algae growth in pools. Algae is a common cause of pools having a green, disgusting color. If it is allowed to build up on pool surfaces, it can cost unsightly stains that can make your pool look dirty even if it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Algae can also deteriorate pool surfaces over time. This means that you might find yourself needing to make pool repairs such as resurfacing or replacing your pool liner. These are things that might be required sooner than needed if you do not keep your pool clean. 


Algae that is allowed to manifest in a pool can also create an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria can set up colonies in nooks and crannies in pools. This can make it hard to clean and rid pools of the bacteria. It may even lead to some bacteria being left behind, which could make someone sick. One dangerous bacteria that could form is E.coli. 

Keeping Leave Out

Make it a habit to remove small quantities of leaves abruptly. This can be done manually by scooping the leaves out. If you invest in simple pool cleaning tools, you can likely remove small amounts of leaves without needing to get in the water. Another option would be to invest in pool services. This means that professionals could visit your property to keep your pool clean.

During the fall they could prep your pool by removing leaves and cleaning your pool. The next step would involve prepping your pool for winter and fall. Investing in a pool cover is a good option for keeping leaves out of your pool during the colder months. If the weather in your area fluctuates and you use your pool year-round, pool cleaning services combined with a pool cover are the best ways to keep your pool free of leaves and other debris.

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