4 Types Of Patio Furniture Ideal For Playing Board Games

Posted on: 7 June 2016

An outdoor patio is ideal for all types of entertaining in nice weather. Once the eating is done, an outdoor patio area is great for playing board games and competing with family and friends. To properly prepare for board game activities, you can purchase a variety of patio furniture that caters to board game playing. The following four pieces are ideal for all types of board games and different-sized groups that you may be playing with. When shopping for styles and designs, you can purchase the following pieces in designs and colors that match your outdoor color scheme.

Patio Storage Benches

When groups of players crowd around a board game, you want to ensure that you have plenty of seats so everyone can easily see and play. Add some extra seating room on your patio with a patio storage bench. The wide benches typically feature enough seating for two to three different players. The padded seats offer comfort while sitting. The bench portion of the furniture can be lifted up to reveal a storage area. The storage area is ideal for placing board games when you are done playing with them. Many of these benches feature weather protection inside the bench. This waterproofing can prevent the board games from getting damp or damaged during bad weather. The storage areas can also be used to hold extra fold-up chairs or camping chairs for extra seating.

Standing Tables

A number of board games feature pass-around elements. Make it easier to pass around cards or electronic games by purchasing a standing table. A standing table features a raised top area that makes it easy for players to stand and gather around. Not only does it make it easier to pass around the game elements, but the intensity of the game can increase when everyone is standing around and really into the various game actions. For people who cannot stand for long periods of time, you also have the option of purchasing large outdoor stools for the table. These raised stools allow players to sit comfortably at the table without being too low to the ground.

Raised Edge Glass Tables

Glass tables are popular for patio furniture because they can handle rainwater without deterioration and are easy to clean outside. When shopping for glass tables, you should look for a design that features a raised edge. Raised edges on the table can help with all types of board game elements. Play money, dice, and game pieces can stay on the table easier when they are blocked off by the raised edges. This will help games go smoothly and prevent any unnecessary delays. Pair a glass table with matching chairs that can be placed around the table.

Bistro Tables

For more intimate board games, you can select smaller pieces of patio furniture like a bistro table. A bistro table is a small circular table design that is traditionally found on the exterior of a cafe or restaurant. They originated in Europe and now are widely available as pieces of patio furniture. Adding a bistro table to your backyard patio can help create easy ways to enjoy one-on-one board games. This includes card games, strategy games, or word games like Boggle. The closeness of the table makes it easy to reach across the game board and interact with the person you're playing with. A bistro table can be paired with matching chairs to create a fun set for your backyard. When multiple people are over, you can set up extra bistro tables to create different gaming sections. For example, one table can be used to host a game of checkers while another table is used for hangman.

Consider the board games that you will commonly play before making your furniture purchases. This will help you make the best decisions and select the furniture that best fits your needs.


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