4 Custom Pool Features That Are Ideal For Capturing Summer Vacation Memories

Posted on: 23 May 2016

When children get out of school, it's a great to bond with them and create a lot of fun summer memories. The summer goes by quick, and that's why many parents love to share memories with family and friends on social media. A lot of these posts feature videos, images, and stories that take place at home. If you're a parent that is interested in adding a swimming pool to your home, then you can create a lot of summer memories during school vacation. When choosing a swimming pool design, there are a number of custom features that can cater specifically to capturing memories and getting full use during summer vacation. Browse through the following four pool design features that can really enhance the way you use the pool for your home and capture memories to last for years to come.

Pool Lighting

Do not just limit your family pool use to the day. Adding lighting features to your pool can expand the use and create a lot of unique photo opportunities at night. Pool lights can be installed in a number of different areas. For safety reasons, you can add pool lights to any entry points on the pool. This includes both ladders and staircases. Pool lights can also be built into the side of the pool walls to help illuminate the water and provide a clear view all around. Lighting can also be added to the edges of the pool as an additional safety feature. All of the extra lights will give you a lot of different photo capturing possibilities. This includes night swimming adventures with your children, unique pictures taken on the water, and different ways to entertain the children.

Fountain Filters

Add some fun visuals to your pool area while keeping the water clean and clear. When taking pictures or videos, you want the water to appear as clear as possible. In addition to a standard pump and filter, a pool fountain filter can provide extra cleaning and help remove debris from the water. A fountain filter shoots water into the sky and creates a cool effect that works well for images and videos. The filters can be installed as a floating device in the center of the pool or are permanent nozzle attachments on the edges of the pool. The fountains often have adjustable settings that makes it easy to change the water pressure and the look of the filters.

Expanded Entry Stairs

During summer vacation, you may host a lot of children in your home to share in adventures and experiences. Instead of having small ladder entries on the water, you can have expanded entry stairs placed on your pool. These stairs offer a gradual entry into the water and make it a lot safer to enter into the pool. The stairs can also feature grips on them so children are less prone to trip as they often exit and enter the pool area. While your children are swimming, the edge of the stairs provides a nice pace to sit, soak your feet, and capture some images of the children swimming.


During the summer, parents also have to take a little time to focus on themselves. One way to do this is to have an attached hot tub installed on the swimming pool. A hot tub is a great way to relax, get massaged, and enjoy the water after a long day of taking care of the children. When the spa is installed in your own backyard, it makes it a lot easier to just head outside and slip inside. The hot tub can be attached directly to the pool and feed warm water into it or be installed as a separate part but still run using the same filter set up. Extra features can be added to the hot tub like lighting, cup holders, and wireless speakers. This area also creates a great place to relax and plan out future summer adventures with the children.

Contact a custom pool builder from a company like Contemporary Pools Inc to help design your ideal pool. Adding specific features can make a big difference in the final pool design and the uses you get out of it to create summer memories.


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