4 Custom Pool Features Ideal For Night Swimming After Work

Posted on: 5 May 2016

If you work most of the week during the summer, you may find that time to swim in the pool is limited to only the night. Instead of swimming in the dark or sacrificing common pool features, you can fully enjoy your pool during all hours of the night. LED lights are a typical installation to provide illumination at night, but there are also other features that can help. When hiring a swimming pool contractor, you can select from a variety of these features that are catered specifically for night time swimming. When these features are built right into the pool, it makes it easy to access your pool in the dark and enjoy the water.

Pool Edge Lighting

When it's dark out, one of the more dangerous areas near the pool is the edge. Without the ability to see, you can easily slip and fall into the water. To help increase safety and visibility in your pool, consider installing pool edge lighting. The edge of the pool is known as pool coping. The coping edge can have LED lights that automatically turn on during the night. The lights are enclosed in a waterproof casing that prevents them from getting blown out or damaged due to splashing or contact with water.

Pool Thermostats & Remotes

Even after a long hot summer day, the nights can get cold, and the pool water temperature can become uncomfortable. Help prepare the water for your arrival by having a heater and thermostat installed in the pool. When you arrive home from work, you can use a remote thermostat in your house to automatically set the pool temperature. This will get the water warmed up and ready for you to swim by the time you head outside. Pool heaters can help make the water comfortable enough to get in right away.

Reflective Liners

When using any type of light in the pool, you want it to illuminate as much of the water as possible. Instead of having more lights installed, you can help spread out the light with a reflective pool liner. A lighter colored pool liner with reflective elements is an ideal way to spread the light across the water. This will help eliminate any shadows or darker areas in the water. Contractors can give you examples of the most reflective liners from their collection. Not only will these liners help illuminate your pool at night, but they can reflect the sun during the day and offer warmer water temperatures.

Chlorine-Free Pool Designs

When swimming in a pool of chemicals at night, you will likely have to go in and shower all of the chemicals off. If you'd like to skip a late night shower, you can choose a pool installation that is free of chlorine. A chlorine-free pool design can use a mix of different methods to provide clean water without the need for harsh chemicals. Things like a copper ion system or an ozonation system can help remove algae and debris without chlorine. These cleaning methods are usually paired with a powerful filter that can remove minerals, dirt, and bugs from the water. This way, after swimming at night, you do not need to take a complete shower. Instead, you can get ready for bed or other nighttime activities that you have planned after you are done swimming.

By adding these features, you can easily enjoy your pool no matter what time of day it is. Do not let the loss of natural light hinder your swimming experience. Each of these upgrades can last for many years and provide you with a positive swimming experience. For more information, contact local contractors with a company like Celebrity Pools


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