Five Aspects Every Hot Tub Novice Should Know Before Taking The Plunge

Posted on: 27 January 2016

Purchasing a hot tub from a company like Ole's Pool & Spa is an investment you will want to enjoy for many years to come. If you're a newbie in the world of hot tubs, you need to educate yourself on more than the basics to get the most from your new home spa. From aspects such as hot tub heaters and insulation, to covers and sanitation, it is in your best interest to become well informed. Here are five things to be aware of before purchasing your new hot tub:

1. The Hot Tub Heater is Essential

Your new hot tub will most likely come equipped with a heater, and this will typically be either gas or electric powered. For energy efficiency, you might alternatively prefer a solar powered heater that harnesses heat from the sun. If you do decide to go the solar route, be sure the area in which your hot tub is located will receive adequate sunlight during daytime hours.

If you are concerned about a fast heating up time, you might want to choose a hot tub powered by a gas heater. These typically heat faster than the electric powered heaters. Gas heaters will be fueled either by liquid propane or natural gas.

Electric heaters are easily installed when needing to be replaced. However, you might need to enlist the help of an electrician to make the electrical connections to the hot tub. A licensed electrician will ensure that all safety standards are met when making electrical connections. If you will be replacing an electric heater for your hot tub sometime down the road, you might want to conceal the wiring beneath a hot tub deck, and this is an addition to think about.

2. Adequate Insulation Should Be Provided

If your hot tub is not adequately insulated, you will be wasting energy. Without proper insulation, your hot tub's heater will constantly run and this will drive up your heating costs. By spraying urethane foam into the interior cabinet of a hot tub, the heater, circuitry and pumps will be well insulated. Most hot tubs will be equipped with this insulation during the fabrication process. Also, the best protection will be full foam insulation. Be sure to ask about this before making your purchase.

3. A Cover is a Necessary Accessory

If you want to keep your hot tub free from dirt and debris, as well as maintain the heated water temperature, you need to purchase a good quality cover. A cover will also help protect your hot tub from damage due to direct sunlight. When choosing a cover for your hot tub, consider the thermal resistance rating it has. This is typically known as "R-Value." If you want a higher degree of energy efficiency, choose a cover with the highest R-Value rating, as this determines the insulation factor. Ask your spa dealer about R-Value ratings and what would be adequate for the model hot tub you choose.

4. Sanitation is Vital

Keeping your hot tub and water free from microorganisms and pollutants should be a top priority. Sanitation is a very important aspect of hot tub ownership; therefore, you need to choose your method carefully. Chlorine is a popular choice for hot tub sanitation, as it is readily available and often more affordable than the chemical bromine, another sanitation option. Keep in mind that bromine may be a better choice if you're looking for less maintenance and fewer changes, as it tends to last longer than chlorine. It also has less odor than chlorine.

In addition to your routine sanitation, consider adding an ozonator to help purify the water. This device will help oxodize perfumes, soaps, oils and deodorants that may be in the water. You can purchase an oxodizer kit from your local spa dealer.

5. Taking a Test Soak in the Tub is a Good Idea

Would you buy a mattress without trying it out first? Would you purchase a car without going on a test drive? Most likely you wouldn't, so why not give the same consideration to buying a hot tub? Before you finalize your purchase, do take a "wet test". Many hot tub dealers and showrooms will be happy to allow potential buyers to test a hot tub before making a purchase. Pay attention to detail, ease of use and general comfort.


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